Scrip Program

Scrip Program

The scrip program offers two easy ways for you to earn money for your student’s band activities (band trips, solo & ensemble, marching band fees, banquet fees, etc.). Purchase gift cards (at face value) through Great Lakes Scrip or groceries from Harding’s Friendly Markets. The rebate earned for you purchase is split (50/50) between you and the band boosters.

Great Lakes Scrip Program!

To participate, purchase gift cards online or directly from the band boosters. Payments can be made online, by check, or by cash. Gift cards are available from a wide variety of businesses.

1. To see a list of vendors and the rebates they offer or to learn more about purchasing gift cards on line visit

2. To sign up to purchase gift cards on line see the attached PDF titled Joining Our Scrip Program. This document also includes the following details:

    • Types of gift cards (physical gift cards, reloadable cards, and scripnow)
    • How to pay directly from your bank account (prestopay)
    • How to instantly obtain gift cards with your mobile electronic device (myscripwallet).
    • The enrollment code needed to join, the scrip program.

3. To purchase gift cards directly from the band boosters contact Buzz and Marianne Voetberg at We will make arrangements for pick up or delivery at the time of your order. You can also purchase gift cards on the night of a band concert.

HARDING'S Community Rewards:

Earn rewards by shopping at Harding’s Friendly Markets. To participate go to:

To assist the band boosters in managing your rebate earnings, please complete the Participation Agreement and return to

***Please note that the band boosters cannot pay rebates directly to families due to federal regulations for nonprofit groups. ***

For Additional Information Contact Buzz & Marianne Voetberg